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About katskreati

I am a full time employee of UNC-CH, married to wonderful husband, have 2 teenage children. I am professional artist on the side and I coach gymnastics part time. I am finishing my Studio Art Degree at UNC-CH currently. Love the horses...have an Arabian horse, Sala, that I have broke in and am training.

My art


Heads up my people….My art is on exhibit at Fleet Feet Corp. Office in Carrboro for the month of April.  It will be up one  more week.  I have a new invention too there…I have four batiks that have lights behind them…very cool looking.  Check it out.  Fleet Feet Corp. office is open 9am till 5pm Monday through Friday…you can just walk in and look.  The building is on W. Franklin St., on the left, stucco contemporary building right before Franklin merges with Rosemary.




Hi my friends…
I just want to let you know that I have seven pieces of art on exhibit at “Jack Sprat” cafe in Chapel Hill on Franklin St. So if you are in or near Chapel Hill, NC…please stop by and have some java and look at the art that is up.

Been a while


Sorry my readers for being absent for a little while…Been taking a break…In between summer and fall semesters…and trying to enjoy the no homework…no reading…(although I am reading for my next course and for pleasure)…thing…

Will be back in the swing soon…Watch for my next art tip!!

Paint is paint


Tip for the day…acrylic paint and hobby paint…you know the bottles of paint to paint craft stuff like wooden houses…etc…that is so cheap…is literally almost the same thing as tube acrylic…except it is thinner…so if you like a thinner paint…not thick…I often have to water down my paint to get washes…buy these…You can luck out and get them for $.50 a bottle…WOW…much better than over $3 a tube…

Our future



Do not sit by while your rights are taken…You have the right to vote…Many many people in our world do not have this…do not have the right to speak their opinion…Some of our so called representatives in government are trying to chip away at the rights your Constitution guarantees you…Do not let them…speak out…vote …protest…I am old enough to remember the 60’s and 70’s, when this was the way…You still have the right to speak your mind…stand up…Grassroots movements …that is how all major changes are done…

End of my course


Nearing the end of my course in Digital Media.  I want to thank my fellow students and my professor for a wonderful experience.  This course was really fun…and I enjoyed learning about how to use GIMP, digital /graphic editing program and how to use Windows Live Movie Maker…I intend on working further with both of these programs as I continue to explore my life and my art!!!