Cai Guo-Qiang, explosive expression


In my Art 106 course we had to do an artist presentation and I choose to do Cai Guo-Qiang, Chinese born artist who now lives in NY.  He is a very creative artist who uses gun powder and fireworks to create art on paper and in the sky.  In addition he is quite an amazing sculptor.  Below is a link to my paper.  Please do a search on Youtube to see more of his work…it is very unique and very cool!!

Cai Guo completed paper


Charity Water


I love this organization…Charity Water…They provide clean water for third world countries where many can not get clean water.

Another fav charity of mine…Donors Choose….They are a charity that you can go to and pick out public school teachers to help with funding arts projects.  Unfortunately in our world…the first thing to get cut by greedy politicians is education and the arts…Extremely sad…our children are the ones who suffer from this…This organization makes it possible for teachers to have the supplies they need.  I taught pre-school for ten years..many a time I spent my own money buying supplies for my kids…their website is:

Take some time and donate a little to these two charities…The rewards are awesome…I get letters from the children I have helped with donations for arts projects…and pics…it is so cool!!!!

tip two


When using chalk pastels…or basically doing any drawing…put a blank piece of paper under your writing hand to keep that hand from smearing what you have already done…works great…

Have foam peanuts from receiving packages?  Make a good use out of some of them…they make great blending tools for chalk pastels and pencil drawings..

Once you have a layer done when using pencil or chalk…but you need to add to it more…spray your piece with fixative…then let dry.  Then start your next layer…This will keep it from smearing the bottom layers..when you add on top..

Pencils!!  Do not waste your money buying fancy smancy pencils…Go to your hobby store…or drug store…Look for pencils for kids…you know the ones that have all the fun colorful sides…and white erasers.  They are very soft…their erasers do not leave smudges on your paper…They are fantastic…and you can sometimes get them four for a dollar…sometimes a whole pack for a buck…

Art tip


I thought I would throw out some art tips…

When doing a painting…do the sky first…If you want your sky scene to seem more luminescent…use thin washes of color with not a lot of white (white is pretty opaque…will make canvas not show through as much).  Thin washes layered will let white of canvas show through…therefore making your sky more vibrant…

Happy Painting everyone!!

My video ….”The Evolution of Our Art”


I made this video for my Art 106 course.  The video is basically a glimpse into my daughter and I creating a piece of art in our home.  One of the things I love the most about my family is we are very chilled…We do not worry about our house being immaculate…or acting a certain way…or not being able to eat in the living room…etc…I also cherish the fact that my daughter inherited some of my artistic ability and love of all things creative…she is an amazing artist already at 16…Enjoy this little video of us working on our art  (two day period this was filmed over).

Here is Youtube link: