Art is a window to the soul


I have been an artist for as long as I can remember….I distinctly remember making pictures in elementary school…of the usual grass, trees…sun…sky. (nature) But I remember that mine were always different…I did my subjects as they looked, i.e. no stick figures, my sky went to the ground, fellow classmates would ask my why…I would tell them to look outside…the blue goes to the ground, I did what I saw.  I remember taking a lot of time to make sure things were as close as I could get to what I saw and that I was most happy when I drew.

Today I feel strongly that my soul is truly at it highest moments, happiest moments when I am creating a piece of art… For a while I did not have time to do much art…sort of set it aside to be a mom, work full time and in general do the things adults have to do to make it…Ignoring  my soul…Then my children got into their teens and I realized that I really missed being in the “zone” when I am in a creative high.  I literally sometimes will just create a really great piece just on the fly…in a couple of days…that is the most fulfilling feeling…I did one chalk pastel, “Blustery winter day”…in two nights time…And it came out so beautiful…I feel like at those times…my soul…my abilities are working together in perfect harmony…That the gift God gave me is not inhibited by every days rush to do boring things like work, make money, etc…At these times…I get so involved in my work that as I said before…I kind of go somewhere else…I am on an artistic high…It is hard to describe…But if you are an artist you no what I mean…There are those days where you struggle to find an idea and create it…But there are days like that night where it just flies out of you in no time…LOVE THAT FEELING!!!

My art is my soul….it reflects things that I cherish in the world…the beauty of nature…something man can not create…Perfect in its diversity…in its quiet peaceful way…in its awesome power…I am a realist and I find great joy in trying to depict the images that move me…beautiful sunsets and sunrises, the effects of water, clouds, any special effects of weather on landscapes, love fog…stormy skies..night scenes…  My art is mostly done from memory, or imagined landscapes or a combo of photos I have taken and memory of a scene or event.  I find I am most creative when my mind is free of distractions, when I am listening to classical music in my studio…and I am alone…when all is peaceful. 


About katskreati

I am a full time employee of UNC-CH, married to wonderful husband, have 2 teenage children. I am professional artist on the side and I coach gymnastics part time. I am finishing my Studio Art Degree at UNC-CH currently. Love the horses...have an Arabian horse, Sala, that I have broke in and am training.

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